Visitor Policies

To help ensure you have the best visit possible and to help keep the artwork safe, we ask that all guests follow the guidelines below. 

Please do not touch the art (including indoor and outdoor sculpture). Touching works of art can damage the surface over time. Please remain at least 12 inches away from the surface of the artwork and do not lean on walls or display cases.

Food and Drink. Food and beverages, including chewing gum and bottled water, are not allowed in the galleries.

Photography. Personal (non-flash) photography and videography is allowed in the Art Center's permanent collections galleries. Professional or commercial photography, equipment like tripods, and additional lighting are not allowed. Additionally, photography is not permitted in temporary or traveling exhibitions, unless otherwise specified.

For complete photography guidelines, please click here.

Coat Check. Backpacks, beverages, large bags, and umbrellas may be stowed in coat check or at the Information Desk at the beginning of your visit.

Animals. With the exception of service dogs, animals are not allowed in the museum.

Writing and Sketching. Only pencils are permitted in the galleries; pens, markers, crayons, or other writing utensils are not allowed.

Cell phones. Cellular phone conversations should be kept to a minimum and held in non-gallery areas of the museum.

Tobacco. Tobacco products of an kind are prohibited.

Weapons. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on Des Moines Art Center premises.

Children are welcome! The Art Center is an enjoyable and fascinating place for children of all ages. Please make sure that they are always accompanied by an adult. We invite you and your children to talk, laugh, and move around the galleries freely. However, running and other physical activities where children may hurt themselves or damage the works of art are not permitted. Additionally, the Art Center offers a wide range of hands-on classes for families, children, teens, and adults. Please see our class schedule for more details.

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