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We are thrilled to reopen our doors to you, our visitors!

In planning for reopening, the health and well-being of visitors, members, students, and staff has been our top priority. The Art Center is taking numerous steps to ensure the safety of its visitors and staff. They include:

Timed, ticketed entry. The Art Center continues to offer free admission for all; however, tickets for entry are required so that proper social distancing within the galleries can be maintained. To ensure visitors are able to enter the museum at their desired time, it is recommended that tickets are reserved online in advance. Reservations can be made by clicking HERE or the button below.

Wayfinding. For the foreseeable future, there is a designated path through the museum, designed to ensure visitors are able to access galleries while maintaining social distancing guidelines. This path will be shared on the Art Center’s website soon and reinforced during visits with on-site signage and graphics.

Cleanliness. Facilities teams have implemented an increased cleaning and sanitizing plan, especially in frequent contact areas and travel paths.

Masks. Art Center staff is required to wear a mask at all times when outside individual offices. Visitors will be required to wear masks while in the Art Center.

A phased approach. While the Art Center galleries are open to the public, for the safety of visitors and staff, all indoor, public programming is currently on hold until the fall. This includes docent-led tours. The Shop at the Art Center and Tangerine at the Art Center are finalizing phased reopening plans beginning in late summer.

Reserve your tickets

Click below to view the calendar of available time slots. Free tickets may be reserved 30 days in advance and up until one hour before museum opening. Your timed ticket includes:

  • Reserved time to enter the museum
  • Access to all special and permanent collection exhibitions 

Make Reservation


Q. Are masks required?
A. YES, Art Center staff is required to wear a mask at all times when outside individual offices. Visitors will be required to wear masks/face coverings while in the Art Center.  

Q. Are you still free?
A. YES, we are proud to continue offering free admission for all! Tickets are required to enter the museum; free tickets are available on the website with the ability to choose your preferred day and time to visit (based on availability).

Q. How do I visit the museum/how will my visit change from previous experiences?
A. When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door and directed in person and via signage to the contactless ticket holder check-in. From there, you will be guided to the start of a one-way path through the galleries to help facilitate a safe, positive experience.

Q. What happens if I come to the Art Center without getting a ticket online?
A. Reserving a ticket online for your preferred date and time is the best way to guarantee your entry into the museum.  If you do not secure a ticket in advance, only a very limited number of walk up tickets can safely be permitted. Ticket reservations are strongly encouraged.

Q. What are you doing regarding cleaning and extra safety practices?
A. Our facilities staff has instituted a cleaning checklist and cleaning plan to follow CDC recommendations and protocols to effectively and safely clean and disinfect the museum.

Additional hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout all three buildings.

Plexi-glass dividers have been installed at locations of heavy interaction, including the front desk and education desk. 

Q. When will the Shop at the Art Center and Tangerine at the Art Center reopen?
A. Both the Shop and the restaurant are finalizing phased reopening plans beginning in late summer.

Q. Have your hours changed?
A. YES, for the foreseeable future, our hours are:
Mon: Closed
Tues: 11 am – 4 pm
Wed: 11 am – 4 pm
Thurs: 11 am – 7 pm
Fri: 11 am – 4 pm
Sat: 10 am – 4 pm
Sun: 10 am – 4 pm

Q. Will the Art Center’s reopening plan change?
A. With the evolving nature of the coronavirus pandemic, the Art Center’s reopening plan may change at any time. Stay tuned to and the Art Center’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels for additional updates.

Q: Will there be restrooms available during my visit?
A: YES. Restrooms will be available for ticketed visitors. Please note, restrooms are not available for unticketed members of the public.

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