Salon 4700

Salon 4700 connects those who are curious and enthusiastic about art to the Des Moines Art Center and the greater Des Moines arts community. Salon 4700 provides in-depth engagement with the art and artists of our time while fostering collaboration and sparking conversations during distinctive programs and events.

Salon 4700 hosts six distinctly different events annually, including visits to artists’ studios and to private collections, as well as special receptions associated with Art Center exhibitions.

The cost to participate is a Contributor level membership ($110 or above annually) or a $500 donation to the Annual Fund plus a fee of $100. This additional fee helps offset the costs of programs and events, which include artist studio visits, tours of private art collections, and art-related trips. Salon 4700 also plans a family-friendly event each year.

In addition to Art Center membership benefits, Salon 4700 members receive:

  • Free or discounted admission to all Salon 4700 events
  • Exclusive opportunities to interact with the Art Center director, curators, and visiting artists
  • Opportunity to attend private tours of exhibitions, art collections, and travel with the Art Center director
  • Discounts on tickets to special events
  • Opportunity to volunteer and help plan special events

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Salon 4700 is run by a volunteer committee of Des Moines Art Center members.

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