Des Moines Art Center Big Hair Ball

The Des Moines Art Center Big Hair Ball, which began in 2004 and biennially, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Des Moines area and statewide. Known for its modeled hairstyles, live music, and special performances, which celebrate hair as a form of artistic self-expression, the Big Hair Ball has been profiled extensively in local, state, and national media. The highlight of the evening is an hour-long choreographed runway program, produced entirely by local salons and a volunteer committee. Local boutiques also participate in the event by offering hair, nail, and make-up artistry to event attendees, which average more than 750.

The Big Hair Ball is organized and presented by Art Noir, a member group of the Art Center whose mission is to engage people in Des Moines Art Center programming through entirely unexpected events.

des moines art center BIG Hair Ball 2017: Alchemy

Saturday, May 13, 2017

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