Wild Life

Making A U-Turn, The Lost Child Finds His Way Home Taskashi Murakami

January 13 – April 16, 2017
John Brady Print Gallery

Prints, drawings, and sculpture from the Art Center’s permanent collection respond to nature and animals, but also investigate images of humans and human behavior, hybrids of both, and curious views of the city or mechanical structures. Artists included are Francis Bacon, the Chapman Brothers, Rudd van Emple, Larry Fink. George Grosz, Rene Magritte, Emile Nolde and others.

Wild Life is organized by Director Jeff Fleming.

Takashi Murakami (Japanese, born 1962)
Making A U-Turn, The Lost Child Finds His Way Home, 2004
Silkscreen on paper
Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections; Purchased with funds from the Kay Reynolds Stroud Art Fund, 2004.9
Photo Credit: Rich Sanders, Des Moines

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