Single-channel 7: Journeys into Peripheral Worlds

michael najjar / Ventures into Space

spacewalk (2013)
equilibrium (2013)
skyfall (2015)

Michael Najjar spacewalk

may 4 – july 16, 2017
Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey Gallery / Richard Meier Building

Michael Najjar is an artist and Virgin Galactic Pioneer Astronaut with plans to travel into space with Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo in the near future. Since 2012, Najjar has been through a grueling, multi-stage training in Star City, Russia as one of the pioneer astronauts. Najjar’s photos and videos incorporate documentation of the actual training experience—centrifuge spins, zero-g flight, underwater space walks, and stratosphere flight—but they ultimately blur the lines between reality and fiction. Three videos will be featured by Najjar: spacewalk (2013), equilibrium (2013), and skyfall (2015).

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Michael Najjar
spacewalk, 2013
HD video 16:9
Single channel / stereo
3.31 minutes
Courtesy Benrubi Gallery and the artist, © Michael Najjar

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