Single-channel 6: Collected

peter fischli & david weiss / the way things go

The Way Things Go

February 26 – May 22, 2016
Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey Gallery / Richard Meier Building

Single-channel is a program dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of important single-channel video by contemporary artists. Each year-long series is dedicated to a specific theme explored in unexpected and surprising ways by artists from around the world. For 2016, we are celebrating the Art Center's growing collection of video works by displaying unseen or long off-view art accessioned by the museum in recent years.

Working as a duo, Fischli and Weiss created sculpture, photography, performance, and video. The Way Things Go is their most renowned work, capturing on video the barely controlled chaos of a giant sculptural machine that features a series of elaborate actions and reactions, created with household and industrial materials. One of the most influential videos of the late 20th century, this clever, riveting work has inspired a generation of artists.

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Peter Fischli & David Weiss (Swiss, born 1952 and 1946 – 2012)
The Way Things Go, 1987
Blu-ray DVD
30 minutes

entirely unexpected