Single-channel 5: Dance

Rosemarie Padovano / Paloma

Rosemarie Padovano Paloma

JUNE 19 – OCTOBER 4, 2015

Single-channel is a program dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of important single-channel video by contemporary artists. Each series is dedicated to a specific theme explored in unexpected and surprising ways by artists from around the world. The exhibition format presents one video for approximately 12 weeks.

Single-channel 5: Dance celebrates the various ways artists incorporate dance into their work, from simply celebrating the body in motion to expressions of complicated political thought.

Paloma was filmed with the desire to turn the architecture of a mausoleum into a big drum for its inhabitant. A single flamenco dancer creates her own music using her hands and feet that resonate upon the stone.” This simple description of the video by the artist literally describes the content of Paloma, but does not convey the experience of the work. The dramatic soundscape created by the dancer, the intense movement of her body, and the solemn architecture and interior light of the mausoleum combine in an unexpected, moving, and celebratory exploration of death, ritual, and life.

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Rosemarie Padovano (American, born 1981)
Paloma, 2012
Single-Channel Video, 4:06
Courtesy the artist


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