Toni and Tim Urban International Artist-in-Residence: Orr Menirom

Orr Menirom

March 8 – April 10, 2016

The Vanishing Monuments 2010 (5 minutes 36 seconds)
Sunset and a Tower 2012 (4 minutes 50 seconds)
Limited Speech Holds Endless Misunderstandings 2013 (9 minutes 55 seconds)
Exchange 2014 (12 minutes)
Artwork courtesy of Aspect Ratio and the artist

Orr Menirom is the inaugural Toni and Tim Urban International Artist-in-Residence. Funding for this residency was established in 2015 with the aim of bringing artists, particularly of Jewish heritage, from foreign countries to the Des Moines Art Center and the communities we serve. Through the medium of film, Menirom’s work focuses on the idea of language as a border—geographical, political, and psychological. Her films are influenced by visual storytelling on digital media platforms. Appropriating materials from popular media such as YouTube, she re-edits and uses others’ footage to create a new visual and verbal language. Consequently, appropriation becomes a method to question authorship, narrative, and social power structures. Whose voice speaks in the video? Whose message is being heard?

Orr Menirom (Israeli, born 1985)
Still photo from Exchange, 2014
12 minutes
Photo courtesy of the artist

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