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User: Mds4752

Just curious as to the thought process your staff used in this sentence, " The artists brought together for Monument Valley are Indigenous, Black, white, Latinx, and multiracial, from multiple regions of North America, and represent various cultural backgrounds and identities."

All races are capitalized except white. No idea what Latinx means, but I wonder why white isn't capitalized like other races. I'm guessing my comment may roll some eyes, but I' just a person who believes in treating all races with the same degree of respect.

From the Des Moines Art Center:
Thank you for reaching out and asking this question. In regards to the capitalization, we are respecting the current preferences when those terms are used as an identity or a community – and not strictly as racial designations. These terms and types of capitalization are currently used by some style guides and publications, but not all, and are part of a larger discussion of language and how it changes over time. For example, as Black has become a more commonly used term than African-American, it is capitalized out of respect to that identity. Latinx has come into use over Latino as the latter is a gendered noun that leaves out female and non-binary members of the community. After much research and conversations with artists and community groups, and because of the importance of recognizing the voices of historically subjugated groups and individuals in this exhibition, we chose to use the capitals.

 -Laura Burkhalter, curator, Monument Valley

entirely unexpected