Iowa Artists 2015: Jessica Teckemeyer

October 29, 2015 – February 21, 2016
John and Mary Pappajohn gallery, Richard Meier building

Jessica Teckemeyer's multi-media sculpture depicts animals in surreal, often threatening situations, and touches on dualities in human nature. “The human condition is domesticated; we are animals,” she states.  “As social creatures, we combat reason versus instinct. Through translating a human experience into the form of an animal, we look at ourselves from another viewpoint.” She plays on the vulnerability we see in "safe" animals such as deer, and the danger we associate with predators like wolves, emphasizing the theme of duality by presenting both creatures in the same work. Teckemeyer’s engaging, unsettling work touches on themes from primal emotion and ancient mythology to specific current issues such as gun violence. Teckemeyer serves as Assistant Professor of Art at Clarke University in Dubuque, and has exhibited in multiple venues across the U.S.

Iowa Artists 2015: Jessica Teckemeyer is organized by Laura Burkhalter, associate curator. 

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