Iowa Artists 2015: Austin Stewart

APRIL 30, 2015 / 6:30 PM

Ames-based Austin Stewart’s art actions, objects, writing, documents, videos and installations are a multifaceted examination of human nature. His work attempts to sharpen the viewer's awareness of the social mechanics of our species and challenges the viewer to consider novel solutions to seemingly intractable disputes. Stewart’s practice is propelled by the desire to understand the rules which govern the behavior of our species internally (the mechanics of the mind) and externally (the mechanics of social interactions).

For Iowa Artists 2015, Stewart presented the Des Moines premier of his ongoing web and performance-based piece Second Livestock. This project engages the ethical debates of contemporary animal husbandry and humanity's increasing immersion into virtual worlds through the guise of providing a solution to maintain the profitability of conventional chicken farming while allowing the chickens to be “free range”. The audience experienced the work as a PowerPoint presentation and live demonstration of the CCI (Chicken-Computer Interface). Austin Stewart is Assistant Professor in the departments of Art and Visual Culture and Sustainable Environments at Iowa State University.

View Austin Stewart's ongoing web and performance-based piece Second Livestock online here.

Iowa Artists 2015: Austin Stewart was selected by Senior Curator Gilbert Vicario.

Iowa Artists 2015: Austin Stewart is supported by KPMG LLC.


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