superflex / flooded mcdonald's

February 1 – April 28, 2013
Video gallery, Richard Meier building

Single-channel 3: Time and Circumstance, features videos in which the artist undertakes some sort of task or challenge, often in a restricted time format. The third work in this series, created by Danish artists' collective Superflex, is Flooded McDonald’s, 2009. The video presents a provocative, tense vision of destruction. Over 21 minutes, the interior of a McDonald’s fills slowly with water, destroying the space, products, and iconography familiar to consumers around the world. Evocative of both big-budget disaster movies and the recent tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, Flooded McDonald’s invites critical questions about global consumerism, the fragility of contemporary structures, and the voyeuristic pleasure viewers often take in watching disaster unfold.

About the Art Center's Single-channel program.

Superflex (Danish artist collective, founded 1993)
Flooded McDonald's, 2009
Film, 21 minutes
Courtesy of the artists

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