Richard T. Walker / let this be us

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 – JANUARY 5, 2014

Single-channel 4: Gravitas explores the myriad ways in which the notion of gravitas can be applied to various video works while not ascribing to the traditional parameters of the thematic exhibition. The standard definition of the word emphasizes solemnity, seriousness, and importance, while its Latin root is derived from gravitãs: weight or gravis: heavy. The term gravitas is also linguistically connected to the term gravity, which relates to energy, motion, and force. All of the works presented in Single-channel 4 relate in some way to these definitions, yet assert their singular characteristics and unique view of the world.

The third work in this series is Richard T. Walker's let this be us, 2012. Walker makes videos, photographs, text works, and performances that reveal a frustrated, obsessive relationship with landscape and at the same time explores the complexity of human relations. Videos and photographs show the artist alone in the center of dramatic landscapes, occupying a positioin reminiscent of a classic romantic figure contemplating the infinate, awe-inspiring mysteries of an impersonal, natural world.

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