Single-channel 2: Melodrama

Christopher K. Ho / Lesbian Mountains in Love

AUGUST 12 – OCTOBER 30, 2011

Single-channel 2: Melodrama explores how artists use the emotional and structural vocabulary of dramatic mainstream media—particularly classic film, soap operas, and romance novels—to both celebrate and subvert their ubiquitous presence in visual culture.

The third work in the series, Christopher K. Ho’s Lesbian Mountains in Love (2008), is a projection of two mountains side-by-side: Mount Rainier in Washington State and Popocatepetl just outside Mexico City. Depicted in real time, they speak to each other in private, loving tones: "Will you remember to watch for the full moon?"; "Every single time." Before tectonic movement thrust them upward into mountains some 150 million years ago and separated them, before politico-linguistic boundaries further distanced them, they were once part of the same landmass. Now they yearn to be reunited. The stillness of the frames—quiet but for occasional wind blowing snow off the summits, subtle climatic variations, and cloud movement—bespeaks the vastness of geologic time, and belies the lovers' task: erosion will surely decimate them before they converge.

Single-channel 2 is organized by Gilbert Vicario, senior curator, and Laura Burkhalter, associate curator.

About Single-channel at the Des Moines Art Center.

Christopher K. Ho (born 1974, Hong Kong)
Lesbian Mountains in Love, 2008
Single-channel split screen high-definition video, 43:04 minutes
Courtesy of the artist and Winkleman Gallery, New York

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