Single-channel 3: Time and Circumstance

Kate Gilmore / Standing Here

APRIL 27 – JULY 29, 2012

Single-channel is a program dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of important single-channel video by contemporary artists. Each year-long series is dedicated to a specific theme explored in unexpected and surprising ways by artists from around the world. The exhibition format presents one video for approximately 12 weeks in the video gallery of the Richard Meier building.

Single-channel 3: Time and Circumstance, will feature videos in which the artist undertakes some sort of task or challenge, often in a restricted time format. The first work in this series, Kate Gilmore’s Standing Here (2010), explores issues of feminism, artistic struggle, and desperation. Dressed in a polka dot dress and heels, the artist climbs the smooth interior of a sheetrock column by punching and kicking holes into the wall. Darkly humorous and slightly uncomfortable to watch, Gilmore’s physical feat stands in for the struggle and conflict of everyday survival.

About the Art Center's Single-channel program.

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