IOWA ARTISTS 2013: Foss Projects

APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 2013

Foss Projects, an independent, guerrilla theater group that provides free plays in found spaces, will present three performances at the Art Center this spring. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 26, 27, and 28, the ensemble will present a fast and funny version of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost in a different Art Center location each night: on the grass roof of the Museum Services Center, in the Maytag Courtyard, and in Levitt Auditorium. The sets, lights, and sounds of the production will come from found objects and improvised sources.

Led by Matt Foss, a lecturer in theater at Iowa State University, Foss Projects uses classical texts, such as Shakespeare or Chekhov, to make quality theatre available to broad audiences. This past summer, the ensemble presented the play a hamlet to more than 500 people in the alley behind a Burger King and a coffee shop parking lot in Ames, Iowa; on the loading dock of a performing arts center, and in a roofless movie theater in Clarksdale, Mississippi. In 2012, the Kennedy Center’s American College Theater Festival named Foss the national Outstanding Director of a Play and named his production of Six Characters the Outstanding Production of a Play in the Nation.

Foss Projects is organized by Director Jeff Fleming.

Iowa Artists 2013 is supported by the Peter H. and E. Lucille Gaass Kuyper Foundation and KPMG, LLC.

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“‘Claudius and Polonius,’ Foss Projects”
Courtesy of Matt Foss

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