OCTOBER 5, 2012 – JANUARY 13, 2013

Iowa Artists 2012: Print looks at some of the many ways 27 artists who currently live and work in Iowa use printing and printed elements in their work. These artists explore and exploit aspects inherent in print, using processes and materials old and new. Some prefer papers, inks, pressure, matrices, type; some talk of the smells, satisfaction, and surprises of printing. Some think about reversal, about multiplicity versus uniqueness, and about accessibility. Some use printed words to communicate or to explore the difficulties of communication.

The exhibition presents 40 recent print-based works made in a variety of traditional and non-traditional print media. Included are prints on paper by Joshua Doster, Catherine Dreiss, Chuck Forsythe, Robert Glasgow, Mollie Goldstrom, John Hansen, April Katz, Nancy Lindsay, Thomas Murphy, Sarah Rodgers, John Siblik, Rachel Singel, and Grant William Thye. Also featured are: a silver gelatin photograph by Ena Ajdimovski; digital prints by Arbe Bareis, Renee Meyer Ernst, Bill Nellans, and Ignatius Widiapradja; letterpress prints by Jon Gourley; ten broadsides by Rick von Holdt; a digital poster for a rock band by Shawn Reed; and photographs of leaves and trees that Skip Willits rubber-stamped with lettering during walks in the woods. Three-dimensional works in the exhibition include two printing matrices: a woodblock by Joseph Lappie, and a violin woodblock by Grant William Thye. Other three-dimensional works are two ceramic bowls with printed glazes by Amanda Barr, and a sculptural object made of paper, wood and lithography by Peter Goché. The exhibition includes a work printed directly on the gallery wall by Alison Filley, and an installation of hollow, illuminated columns made from rubbings on paper by Louise Kames. 

Curator of Prints and Drawings Amy N. Worthen organized Iowa Artists 2012. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Mauricio Lasansky (1915-2012). A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

Funding for Iowa Artists 2012: Print  is provided by the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, the Peter H. & E. Lucille Gaass Kuyper Foundation, Bank of the West, and the Des Moines Art Center Print Club.


Above: Jon Gourley | Johnston, Iowa
Layered Exchange, 2012
Screenprint on 2 layered sheets of sekishu paper
25.5 x 22 inches (each panel, diptych)



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