Dario Robleto audio tours

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Learn about the Dario Robleto: Survival Does Not Lie In The Heavens exhibition by listening to audio commentary by
Art Center Senior Curator Gilbert Vicario and Artist Dario Robleto.

Introduction to the exhibition by Gilbert Vicario

Introduction to exhibition by Dario Robleto

  Some Longings Survive Death
, 2008

  Defiant Gardens, 2009-2010

   The Boundary of Life Is Quietly Crossed, 2008 and The Ark Of Frailty, 2008

        Alchemical Gardens, 2009; Society of Seekers, 2009; Folks on the Fringe, 2009; Maidens of Mother’s Milk Thistle, 2009

  Candles Un-burn, Suns Un-shine, Death Un-dies, 2011

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