Breaking the Chains: Juneteenth Community Mural for Teens

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Join the Des Moines Art Center in collaboration with the Des Moines Urban Experience as they celebrate 30 years of preserving the history of Juneteenth in Iowa. Use the power of art activism and learn about Juneteenth as an inspiration and catalyst to celebrate, share and create with your peers. Participate in a weekly class at the Art Center to unravel the journey of African Americans in our community and learn the skills needed to contribute creating a community mural with artist Jordan Weber. Gather firsthand information from Black Iowans through the process of empathy-interviewing and use design thinking practices to weave the history of Juneteenth with your own experiences and identity. Make your mark by adding to the historical record and educating Iowans about African American independence.


Program Schedule
Tuesdays | February 4-June 9, 4-6pm
Saturdays | May 23-June 6, 9am-3pm

Tuesday, June 16 - Iowa Juneteenth Mural Unveiling and Community Celebration

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