SUNDAY, MAY 9 / 10 AM – 4 PM

Art and Activism: Free Weekend Workshops for Teens

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2019

  • Carrie Moyer


    Friday, June 28 – Sunday, June 30

    Explore history through the lens of women’s rights and the ways artists have used art as a form of advocacy. Dive into the women’s rights movement and the current challenges of equity through group discussions. Find inspiration in the museum and the work of female artists and create art as a response.  Address how art can be a catalyst for change on a personal and global scale. Create a manifesto poster in groups with peers using both traditional and digital techniques in art.

  • Silks

    lgbtq art & artists

    Friday, August 9 – Sunday, August 11

    Study artists featured in Queer Abstraction and the Art Center’s permanent collections who have created artwork in response to their personal experiences and the LGBTQ social and political movements. Create art in response to discussions about LGBTQ theory and history. Dive deeper into historical uses of text and the body in LGBTQ art. Gain an understanding of modern queer presence in abstraction and relevance. Ask the question: what does queer art have to look like, and why?

  • Bemis

    art & racial justice

    Friday, November 22 – Sunday, November 24

    Learn about artists who highlight issues of discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance. Explore the topic of equity for all people of color as it pertains to education, employment, and other societal systems. Take a look at traditional uses of costuming in cultures to empower individuals. Create personalized social justice-themed t-shirts as we discuss advocating for ourselves and our community. 

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