Q&A: Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2016

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we talked with one of the Des Moines Art Center's incredible volunteers, Brandon Paulsen, to learn a bit more about how he became involved with the Art Center and what he's learned from the entirely unexpected experience. 

Des Moines Art Center: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for work.

Brandon PaulsonBrandon Paulsen: I'm a graduate of Loras College, and moved to Des Moines five years ago to work for Wells Fargo. I currently am a project coordinator at Wells Fargo, where I ensure our consumer lending team members have the correct training for their role so when they help customers they can help them succeed financially.

DMAC: What motivated you to get involved with the Des Moines Art Center? What’s your favorite part about volunteering with the Art Center?

BP: When I found out that the Art Center has free admission, I wanted to give back any way I could, and so one day I signed up to volunteer for an event. Getting to know the Art Center staff, board, and members are why I continue. Their passion to promote art to the community is unmatched and that passion rubs off on their volunteers, especially myself.

DMAC: What other organizations do you volunteer with?

BPBesides volunteering for the Art Center I volunteer for the Des Moines Library Foundation and Primary Health Care.

DMAC: What’s something entirely unexpected you’ve learned from volunteering?

BPThat when you become a member of the Art Center the opportunities you can experience are super unique, including Not Your Mothers Gallery Tour with Art Noir or real deep dive into artists' thinking and appreciation with Salon 4700.

DMAC: Why is volunteerism an important part of your life?

BP: At the moment Des Moines is my home and as a member of the community I want to contribute what I can to make it a better place. Whether that is growing the exposure to the Art Center or helping low- and moderate-income individuals seek the programs and services they need with Primary Health Care. Des Moines is seeing substantial growth and we want to attract and retain the best talent in the nation, and one way to achieve that is through a thriving arts community. Volunteering can help that arts community thrive in turn by promoting the great community Des Moines has to offer and serving as a beacon for the rest of the Midwest.

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