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Art Noir: Q&A with Lois Fingerman

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This week, Art Noir is thrilled to have the opportunity to tour the private collection of Louis and Lois Fingerman. To prepare for our visit, we asked Lois a few questions about Art Noir, Des Moines and more.

Art Noir: What do you see as the benefit of joining Art Noir?

Lois FingermanLois Fingerman: We believe that Art Noir brings young people to the forefront of supporting the Art Center both socially and ultimately financially. As Lou and I support many of the cultural aspects of our city, we notice the lack of YP participants. I think that Art Noir is at the forefront of getting the next and future generations involved. Art Noir provides an opportunity to network and learn more about the art world. For future collectors it makes collecting a much less intimidating experience.

Art Noir: At 80/35, we asked to write about the best change in Des Moines over the last ten years and share what they'd like to see in our city in the next decade. How would you answer these questions?

Lois Fingerman: The best changes in Des Moines revolve around the expansion of the living and dining facilities in downtown. I think a lot of this was predicated on the success of the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. In the next decade, I would envision better transportation with a rail system and possible railroad that would allow for better travel in and around Des Moines and create accessibility to other cities.

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