THURSDAY, MAY 13 / 11 AM – 7 PM

36th Annual Black Maria Film Festival Program

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2017

The Art Center continues to bring cutting-edge, independent films to the region by hosting the Black Maria International Film Festival. The annual festival draws hundreds of entries from around the world in the categories of documentary, experimental, animation, and narrative works. Fifty award-winning films are named and included in the Festival's annual tour, which travels to more than 60 host institutions across the country and abroad.

Thursday, November 30 / 6:30 pm

  • Black Maria The Last Projectionist


    Running Time: 11 minutes / Eugene Lehnert, Brooklyn, NY

    As movie studios ceased distribution of film prints to theaters in favor of the more affordable 'DCP' (Digital Cinema Package), small theaters were left with a hard choice: upgrade or close. This burden left mom and pop movie theaters financially vulnerable with none more vulnerable than the classic outdoor cinema, the drive-in. The Last Projectionist follows the story of a family owned drive-in in upstate New York dealing with the costly decision to either upgrade or 'go dark.'

  • Black Maria Mr. Sand


    Running Time: 8 minutes / Soetkin Verstegen, Leuven, Belgium

    A dreamy tale about early cinema, told as an ironic bedtime story. A mix of techniques brings to life the atmosphere of this dangerous new medium. In the back of the story moves Mr. Sand, a mysterious character that might be real or imagined.

  • Black Maria Roxy


    Running Time: 9 minutes / Fabien Colas, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, and Emile Schlesser,
    Düsseldorf, Germany

    Roxy is an aging prostitute, working in a so-called “love mobile” on the German-Luxembourgish border. After being rescued from a brutal rape, she meets Jeff, a young man, whose presence and intentions are unclear to her. This film was inspired by a wave of violence in Germany, when people living nearby set some of the women’s trailers on fire to force them to relocate. The filmmakers shine a light on this disturbing issue by highlighting one woman’s humanity.

  • Black Maria Exquisite Corps

    Exquisite Corps – EXPERIMENTAL

    Running Time: 6 minutes / Mitchell Rose, Worthington, OH

    42 Contemporary American choreographers link together in a chain love letter in celebration of dance.

  • Black Maria Ja Passou

    Ja Passou (Already Passed) – NARRATIVE

    Running Time: 15 minutes / Sebastião Salgado and Pedro Patrocinio, Lisbon, Portugal

    The story of a father’s journey to save his son and how he is affected by indifference and social inequality.

  • Black Maria Microspectrum


    Running Time: 2 minutes / Kate Balsley, Johns Creek, GA

    A surreal journey through the natural world. Leaves, flowers and other organic materials are abstracted and exist as shapes, forms, colors and textures. Nature is at once strange and beautiful. Microspectrum invites the viewer to reflect upon its complexities.

  • Black Maria Preparations for the Forest

    Preparations for the Forest: A Portrait of David Footer – documentary

    Running Time: 10 minutes / Daniel Mooney, Melrose, MA

    Filmed over the course of four years, wildlife artist and taxidermist David Footer looks back at his time on planet earth and considers his place in the cosmos, while ruminating on the shallow threshold between life and death.

  • Black Maria There's Too Many of These Crows

    There's Too Many of These Crows – ANIMATION

    Running Time: 4 minutes / Morgan Miller, Brooklyn, NY

    Birds and humans are unable to co-exist peacefully in this film about aggression and escalation.

  • Black Maria Joan


    Running Time: 7 minutes / Nathan Pancione, Norwalk, CT

    A portrait of a woman whose grit and disposition helped her to conquer great adversity. At a young age, Joan always wanted a big family and a place on the ocean. By the age of 20 she was diagnosed with sarcoma and had to face hard choices. After 60 years, 22 surgeries, and a beautiful life, she reflects on her incredible journey.

  • Black Maria Boomerang


    Running Time: 5 minutes / Steven Vander Meer, Arcata, CA

    Inspired by the song “Boomerang” by the Absynth Quintet, the workings of nature and the universe are mystically and whimsically illustrated in this fast paced, gorgeously hand-drawn film. Great music and a quirky sense of humor define the beauty of it all, and it's no coincidence when it happens this way.

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