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Art Center Challenge: Embrace the Unexpected

Posted on Friday, July 13, 2018

Inspired by the exhibition Sterling Ruby: Ceramics, we encourage you to embrace the unexpected with us and participate in an Art Center Challenge.

Each week will have a different theme that relates Sterling Ruby's work and artistic practice, and challenges you to see the world around you in a new way.

Week One: A Beautiful Mess
Monday, July 16 – Sunday, July 22

Discover a creative way to document a mess. The mess can be one that you’ve made or something you stumble upon. Highlight what is beautiful amongst the chaos.

Week Two: Happy Accidents
Monday, July 23 – Sunday, July 29

Capture serendipity in the world around you. Where do you see rays of sunshine or strokes of luck in your daily life? Find a clever way to document where you find happy accidents.

Week Three: The Leftovers
Monday, July 30 – Sunday, August 5

Explore what you can make from the pieces that are left behind. What becomes of discarded items or forgotten remnants? Share something you’ve made from leftover pieces.

Week Four: Failures + Flops
Monday, August 6 – Sunday, August 12

Explore the environment around you and discover discarded items that could have a new purpose. Create something from found, discarded, or forgotten items.

Don’t forget to share your completed Art Center Challenge with us on social media using the hashtag #ArtCenterChallenge

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