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On September 17, 2013 “Baru at the Art Center” opened as the new Art Center restaurant.
New chef and manager, David Baruthio, who is also co-owner and chef of Baru 66, a French
contemporary bistro located in Windsor Heights,  is thrilled to expand to the Art Center location. “When I came to Iowa for the first time in 2006, Sara Hill took me to lunch at the Art Center. She was teaching jewelry classes at the Art Center at that time. I sat outside by the water sculpture; I can remember like it was yesterday. I felt the calm and serenity and beautiful setting, and it was inspiring to me, like being transported to another world. I have worked in many cities around the world, surrounded by tall buildings, traffic, leading a hectic, busy lifestyle. The Art Center reminded me of France and spending time in my grandparents’ chalet in the mountains and woods. I think the Art Center café complements our existing restaurant, Baru 66. In order to maintain excellent food and service, I believe less is more. I prefer the intimate space in order to maintain a close relationship with our guests.”





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