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When will I receive my membership card?
You should receive your membership card(s) and a membership packet within 1–2 weeks after joining or renewing your membership. If you have not received your membership card(s)within 2 weeks, please call the Membership Department at 515.271.0327.

How can I use my membership card?
Your membership card provides you with discounts in the Art Center Museum Shop and free admission to exhibition preview parties. At the $100 Contributor level and above, your card also earns you free admission and reciprocal member benefits at over 400 museums nationwide. 

Will I receive written acknowledgment of my membership for tax purposes 
from the Art Center?

All members receive an acknowledgment letter with membership card(s) within 1–2 weeks after joining or renewing. This letter serves as written acknowledgment of your charitable contribution and should be kept with your records. The Art Center does not provide any additional written acknowledgment of your charitable contribution at the end of the year or prior to tax filing deadlines.

Why isn't my membership 100% tax-deductible?
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sets limits on the tax-deductibility of charitable contributions, which includes memberships. At some membership levels, a portion of your membership contribution may not be considered tax deductible if the value of the benefits provided exceeds limits established by the IRS. View the current tax-deductible amounts for all Art Center memberships here. For more information, contact the Membership Department at 515.271.0327 or
via email.

Can I turn down some of the benefits offered with membership to increase the tax-deductible amount of my contribution?
Yes, certain benefits may be turned down to increase the deductible amount of your membership, but only at the time that you join or renew your membership. Contact the Membership Department at 515.271.0327 or for more information.

How are my membership dollars spent?
Your membership supports the Art Center's Annual Fund. The Annual Fund directly supports everything we do at the Art Center, from providing free admission to almost a half million visitors in 2009, to free school tours for nearly 16,000 students each year, to free community events like Day of the Dead and Winter Carneval that serve more than 7,000 people annually.

Does the Art Center donate memberships to other organizations for fundraising events?
A limited number of memberships are available for donation each year. Preference is given to non-profit charitable organizations. For more information, contact Manager of Indiviual Giving Jenna Ekstrom at 515.271.0327 or send a letter of request that contains information about your fundraising event to:

Des Moines Art Center
Attn: Membership
4700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312