Art Noir

Join Art Noir and get closer to the art of today!

Art Noir offers opportunities to experience the Des Moines Art Center and contemporary art in unique and exciting ways. From exhibition tours with Art Center curators to casual social gatherings and highly-anticipated events like the Des Moines Art Center Big Hair Ball, Art Noir programming is designed for those with a passion for art and culture.

Art Noir membership is free and open to all active Art Center members.

In addition to Art Center membership benefits, Art Noir members receive: 

  • Free or discounted admission to all Art Noir events like Big Hair Ball

  • Exclusive opportunities to interact with the Art Center director, curators, and visiting artists

  • Opportunity to attend private tours of exhibitions, art collections, and day/weekend trips to local and regional art museums

  • Discounts on tickets to special events

  • Opportunity to attend the Art Noir Annual Meeting

  • Opportunity to volunteer and help plan special events

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Art Noir is run by a volunteer committee of Des Moines Art Center members. 

Big Hair Ball

The Big Hair Ball, which began in 2004 and biennially, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Des Moines area and across the state. The event is organized and presented by Art Noir.


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