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Kalup Linzy
Keys To Our Heart

May 6 — July 31, 2011
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Kalup Linzy’s Keys To Our Heart (2008), is inspired by the history of black filmmaking, “race movies,” 1940s musicals starring Lena Horne, and the Hollywood 1950s melodramas of the Danish-German director Douglas Sirk. Like most of Linzy’s work, Keys To Our Heart is both tender and outrageous, focusing on failed relationships and emotional vulnerability, a frequent subject of his work. The central character of Keys To Our Heart is a jaded, middle-aged woman named Lily (played by Linzy) that dispenses advice on love and relationships to three individuals in the midst of a love triangle. Without giving too much away, Keys To Our Heart uses all of the conventions and trappings of a classic American camp melodrama to cleverly and humorously deliver Linzy’s message on love, tolerance, ambition and loyalty.

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