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These films were selected by Dario Robleto to accompany his exhibition,
Dario Robleto: Survival Does Not Lie In The Heavens.
All films will be shown in Levitt Auditorium.


  • Mana: Beyond Belief (2004)

    Sunday, November 6 / 1:30 pm
    Peter Friedman and Roger Manley, directors
    92 minutes, not rated

    Mana: Beyond Belief is an investigation into a central aspect of my work, which is: How does meaning find its way into materials? I have been obsessed with this issue since I was a little boy through my love of fossils or an old 45 record. It’s an age-old philosophical question really and the film smartly asks ‘does meaning reside independently of us inside a substance or does meaning arise because we, as believers, put it there through the act of believing?’ The film asks this across time and cultures and shows how it is a human problem regardless of time or culture.”

    Still from Mana: Beyond Belief
    ©2004 Strange Attractions/ADR Productions
    All rights reserved

  • The Straight Story (1999)

    Sunday, November 13 / 1:30 pm
    David Lynch, director
    112 minutes, rated G

    The Straight Story relates to my work in the idea of the extraordinary being possible in the ordinary, everyday person. A crucial aspect of my work is the old adage ‘truth is stranger than fiction,’ and I love stories that test the edge of believability while always remaining grounded in fact. Stories like these broaden what we think is possible, which all good art should do. I’m also a sucker for stories that push people to do extraordinary things based on some highly emotional reason.”

    Still from The Straight Story, 1999

  • Land of Silence and Darkness (1971)

    Sunday, November 20 / 1:30 pm
    Werner Herzog, director
    85 minutes, not rated; German with English subtitles

    “This is one of the most moving films I’ve ever seen. It’s about deaf, mute, and blind people and the amazing individuals some of them turn out to be. The film relates to the canon of my work in that it’s about our search for meaning in life, and that even with the worst possible barriers (like being without sight and hearing), the pursuit is relentless.”

    Still from Land of Silence and Darkness, 1971

  • American Movie (1999)

    Sunday, November 27 / 1:30 pm
    Chris Smith, director
    107 minutes, rated R

    “The selection of American Movie is about my fascination with the precarious edge of dreaming of being an artist, and actually being an artist, and how that all ties into American self-identity and geography.”

    Still from American Movie, 1999