Exhibition closes: HEROIC EFFORTS

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October 28, 2012 / 4:00 PM

Single-channel 3 / Part 2: Time and Circumstance
Mark Newport, Heroic Efforts, 2009

Through October 28, 2012
Video gallery / Richard Meier building

The second work in this series, Mark Newport’s Heroic Efforts, 2009, pokes fun at our superhero
obsessed culture, and explores the complex gender issues that surround heroism (the artist’s
subject) and knitting (his medium of choice). In this fast-paced video, Sweaterman (a superhero
of Newport’s creation) attempts to knit a force field, intended to protect those around him. His
unhurried technique, calm surroundings, and cozy-looking costume stand in humorous contrast
to the crescendo of the background music and our own expectations of how a superhero is
supposed to behave. Will he finish his force field in the allotted time, or remain quietly knitting
in his rocking chair?

Mark Newport (American, born 1964). Still from Heroic Efforts, 2009. 3 minutes 21 seconds. Courtesy of the artist


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