Tandem Gallery Talk - Gilbert Vicario and Renee Cramer

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November 29, 2012 / 6:30 PM

Gilbert Vicario, Senior Curator, with Renee Cramer, Associate Professor and Director,
Drake University’s Program in Law, Politics, and Society

Join Senior Curator Gilbert Vicario and Dr. Renee Cramer for a walk-through of the exhibitions
Untitled (Structures) and The Whole World Was Watching: Civil Rights-Era Photographs from
The Menil Collection
. Each will bring a unique perspective to these exhibitions by drawing on
their particular areas of expertise in order to understand the evolving relationships between art,
politics, and society.


Above: Dan Budnik
March On Washington. Martin Luther King Jr. moments after delivering his 'I HAVE A DREAM' speech,
Lincoln Memorial, 1963 (Aug. 28)

(c) Dan Budnik 1999
The Menil Collection, Houston, gift of Edmund Carpenter and Adelaide de Menil
Photo: © Hester + Hardaway Photographers Fayetteville Texas



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