Conversations on Art: MIGUEL ANGEL RIOS

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January 31, 2012

6:30 pm / Levitt Auditorium
Reservations required*

This evening’s program will begin with the screening of Behind Mecha, a 27-minute
documentary exploring the artistic process that went into the creation of Miquel Angel
Ríos’ video installation Mecha (Fuse), 2010. Immediately following the film, a Q & A
between Ríos and Gilbert Vicario will take place. (This interview will be translated
from Spanish to English.)

Mecha (Fuse) evokes universal themes of violence and a fight for survival through
a little known game called Tejo. In the game, each player throws a disk, or tejo,
towards a square of wet mud, trying to hit targets made of pink triangular detonators
called mechas, which are filled with gunpowder and that explode on impact.
Mecha attempts to go beyond the reality of the game and into a parallel reality that
suggests urban guerilla warfare, drug trafficking in Mexico and Colombia, or that
of gang warfare.

*Seating is limited. Please make your FREE reservations at 515.271.0313 or via e-mail beginning
Monday, January 9. Include a name for the reservation, the lecture you wish to attend (“Ríos”),
a contact e-mail address or phone number, and the number of seats requested.

Miguel Angel Ríos (Argentinian, born 1943)
Mecha (Fuse), 2010
DVD, Two channel synchronized projection
RT: 10:02 minutes
Courtesy of the artist



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