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November 10, 2011 / 6:30 PM

Anna K. Meredith Gallery
FREE admission

Join Senior Curator Gilbert Vicario for a discussion of the exhibition
Dario Robleto: Survival Does Not Lie In The Heavens.

Survival Does Not Lie In The Heavens is devoted to Dario Robleto’s recent exploration
of longevity and extinction. The San Antonio-native is well known for using ephemeral
and archaic materials, including vinyl records, dinosaur fossils, impact glass formed by
meteorites, human tears, and heartbeats to create poetic statements that celebrate our
faith in the materials and objects that shape our lives. Robleto’s exhibition also features a
new, site-specific piece entitled Candles Un-burn, Suns Un-shine, Death Un-dies (2011).
This piece unites Robleto’s ongoing interest in legendary musical performers such as
Patsy Cline and Buddy Holly who died prematurely, with his ongoing exploration of
immortality and the power of redemption.

Dario Robleto (American, born 1972)
Defiant Gardens
, 2009–2010
Cut paper, homemade paper (pulp made from soldiers’ letters sent home and wife/sweetheart
letters sent to soldiersfrom various wars), cotton, carrier pigeon skeletons, World War II-era
pigeon message capsules, dried flowers from various battlefields, hair flowers braided by war
widows, mourning dress fabric, excavated shrapnel and bullet lead from various battlefields,
various seeds, various seashells, cartes de visites, gold leaf, silk, ribbon, wood, glass, foam core, glue
79 ½ x 61 x 4 ½ inches
Courtesy of the artist; ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles, California; InmanGallery, Houston, Texas; and
D’Amelio Terras, New York, New York


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