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January 28, 2011 / 6:30 PM


In addition to the sampling of modernist styles and ambitious material versatility of Reyle's artist
output, another intruiguing element to be explored is the process from which the work is created.
In a 2008 ArtReview interview Reyle explains, "Sometimes I do the work by myself, but mostly
I work with assistants and then react to what I see. What's important to me is how it looks at the
end...The gesture does not have to be made emotionally for the painting to evoke emotions." Others
doing the work of others is by no means a new practice, yet it remains a provocative topic in the
art world. Join us for an intiguing conversation between Art Center Director Jeff Fleming and artist
Anselm Reyle. This interview will be translated from German to English.

Levitt Auditorium / FREE admission / Reservations required*

*Although admission is free, reservations are required and can be made at 515.271.0313
or via e-mail.



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